Sunday, July 7, 2013

Zoning out

    I find that very often I zone out during school, during church, etc. I try my best not to zone out during conversations with friends or family and I usually don't because the conversation I'm apart of usually interests me. I find that very often I zone out out about clothes. Hence my previous post, I'm kind of addicted to all things fashion-related. I enjoy being stylish and preferably being stylish in my own way, but too often I find that fashion takes over my mind! Gah! I love it, but I also hate it because when I could be gaining something from a lesson at church or an important concept taught at school, I'm thinking about different outfits I could wear for church or for days off during the school year or during the summer. This probably seems silly to blog about, but it's something that's been on my mind lately. My friend Madi is always telling me how I can have this "glazed over" look sometimes haha, so I want to try to eliminate my moments of fashion forward thinking so that I can focus on more important things in life. A love for fashion will always be something I hold near and dear to my heart, but I need to try to  stop zoning out!
   Anyways, apologies for that little rant folks, but that is something I just needed to get out of my head. Onto more new and exciting things in my life, tomorrow I depart Maryland for Ohio with my sister-in-law, Holly and my niece and nephew, Caiden and Eleanor (she likes to go by the nickname, Neno). A fun week awaits and I'm completely looking forward to it. I'll have to update my blog more often next week with pictures of next week's adventures (can I also just add that I'm extremely envious of you bloggers out there that post fun outfit posts and neat pictures all the time!! It's always hard to get someone to take a photo of me so I can make an outfit post, but I truly would love to do an outfit post sometime...). But, I hope you all have had a restful Sunday and that fun adventures await you this week as well! Toodles. :)

P.S. I think each post, unless I post new pictures, I'll just post pictures of some of my past aventures I've enjoyed recently or in years past. Enjoy!

My mom and I standing with our gondolier, Tony, while visiting Venice during my spring break this year.

Enjoying the Keukenhof Gardens in the Netherlands during spring break this year. It was pretty cold there, so not many flowers had bloomed yet. :(

Taking a classic, cliche photo at the Leaning Tower of Pisa ;) 

My parents and I standing amongst the ruins at Pompeii! 

Looking out at the lovely view while travelling along the Amalfi Coast! 

Took a picture right after I got my wisdom teeth out in March (definitely had to document this day ;) )

Standing next to my first car, a lovely, brand new Subaru Outback (I'll get it my sophomore year of college).

Planking on Molokai from our day trip there a month ago

I got to experience fishing for the first time while on the island of Oahu (taken when we were there a month ago)


  1. Ahhh Kellyn I love the photos. I totally relate with the thinking about fashion thing too much... Its terribly fun to do. (: I'm so excited to see all the photos of your wanderings and adventures! (;
    And when you come back to Washington I'll totes take a photo for you if you like of an outfit for a blog post if you want. It will be so much fun me dear. :))

  2. Aw thanks girl! I'm so glad we're besties because we totes relate to a lot of things! PLEASE DO. That would be wonderful.:) I can take some for you too! I want to learn how to be able to take photos of myself, so I don't always have to ask someone...but I feel like I would need a tripod? Anyways, we'll have to meet up tons before I head off to college and do oodles and oodles of photo shoots for each other. ;)

  3. Yay! :) #bestiesfurrever. (;
    Okay this is defzies happening. And yeah tripods are great! I usually use a tripod for photos of my outfits. They have ones with relatively cheap prices on Amazon, but you can find them at lots of places. (: