Sunday, July 28, 2013

    Top: Forever 21
    Bottoms: Madewell
    Shoes: My Saltwater Sandals (link in previous post)
    Hair Bow-tie: Forever 21

On Friday I had an absolutely splendid day with my good pal, Cassie. Check out her blog here! We rode our bikes in this lovely field, took pictures, and went and saw World War Z (which was really good, except for when the screen went black and we missed like 15 minutes of the movie...I'd still recommend it though haha). We always have such a fun time together. Taking pictures of ourselves was quite the challenge because taking selfies is just an awkward thing. Let's be honest here. We still got in some good shots though (even though we couldn't help but laugh in most of them). Cheers! xoxo


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    1. Yes it was! :) Can't wait for our shopping adventures this week! :)