Monday, July 22, 2013

Vinyl Love

    Hat: Anthropologie
    Top: Target
    Pants: Madewell
    Sandals: Target
    Simon and Garfunkel vinyl: Endangered Species-The Last Record Store On Earth
Sooo I finally made my first outfit post! Using a tripod is not an easy task I must say, but I'm sure       with practice I'll figure it out. I want to try and do some outfit posts outside amidst mother nature     eventually. ;) Anywho, I finally found the oh-so-lovely Target sandals that everyone seems to own and they were only $8! Such a bargain and so cute. I'm completely in love. :) I'm finally back in Washington though and it's so nice to be back. I have a few weeks left until I leave for Utah for school and I wish it weren't so soon. :/ Like, I'm way excited for college, but I'm really gonna miss home and my parents and friends and pets. It's gonna be hard. But, college is the next step in my life and I'm looking forward to all the fun memories that are to come in the future. :)
If you'll notice in my outfit post I'm holding a Simon and Garfunkel vinyl and I got it for only $4 when I was in Delaware, Ohio. It was a pretty great deal, plus Simon and Garfunkel are so lovely to listen to. My favorite song of their's so far would probably have to be Cecilia or Baby Driver, but the whole album was fantastic. Anyways, I better be heading to bed since tomorrow I'm going shopping with one of my best friends, Madi. Can't wait! Toodles. xoxo


  1. So cute! :) I loveeee this outfit and especially that hat! Are those the pants you posted about earlier? They are absolutely lovely. :))

    1. Thanks, deary! :) I loove that hat too! I wear it all the time. Fedoras are the coolest. YES! These are the pants. Soo in love with them <3