Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My last year of high school.

Well, the time has finally come! I am now a senior! This can't be happening!! I still remember walking into the doors of my school during my elementary school years and thinking how far off senior year was. I was wrong.  Time truly does fly! I'm looking forward to this year and to what else is to come in my near future, especially college! Wishing you all a happy Wednesday! Tootles and wish me good luck on my senior year.

With love,
Kellyn xoxo

Monday, August 27, 2012

My travels to Ohio and Maryland!

    Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that I have finally returned from my 2 week vacation to visit each of my siblings. It was so much fun. I'll organize my vacation in segments below. Enjoy! :)

Trip 1: Delaware, Ohio (visiting with my brother, Adam, and his wife, Holly and their two kids, Caiden (6) and Eleanor (4).

The trip began with Holly and myself participating in a Mudathlon in Cincinnati, about 2 hours away from their house. We had a muckin' good time and got so dirty, but it soo totally worth it! I'd do it again! The run basically consisted of about 40 obstacle courses in the mud! You could skip them if you wanted to, but we completed every obstacle. I could feel the pain a few days later!

Myself before the run...all nice and clean! ;)

 My silly sister-in-law, Holly, before the race!

Yeaah! Check out that muddy butt. ;)

This picture is super cool, but that lil' hike down was painful! There were roots everywhere. Not my favorite obstacle. 

Would you just look at those muscles ladies and gents. ;)

That rope obstacle was hard to climb over because the holes were so big! I was afraid of falling through!!

Haha I love this one of Holly! Her pose is spectacular. ;)

Aww...the two cute...and muddy girls! We had such a blast spending this dirty day together! :)

This took some muscle to climb over!

Woohoo! We reached the finish!

Posing with our medals!

After this wonderfully muddy day the rest of the vacation was spent having a blast at the zoo with my nephew and niece, going on a scavenger hunt in the park with my nephew and brother, and having a grand 'ol time at the park. Holly and myself also got to spend the week going to Zumba classes (she's an instructor). Sadly I don't have any pictures from Zumba, but we had a blast! :)

My niece and nephew being adorable!

Aww!! I seriously love being an aunt! It's the best. :)

This is what happens after you eat a cup of bright blue dippin dots. ;)

My brother, petting the stingray (inappropriately, might I add. You're supposed to touch them with two fingers!) ;)

Love his smile!

The gang, minus the girl in the back haha.

Random playground graffiti. #tobeexpected ;)

I dunno what face we were trying to make, but it turned out cute!

This adorable little fellow escaped from her grassy lil' habitat onto the visitor walkway. We were seriously steps away from this cute Kangaroo named Caroline. :)

Woohoo! We loved the log ride!

Petting the stingray appropriately. ;)

Me and Caiden feeling accomplished after climbing up that rock wall!

Hehe we were supposed to "stay on the path". Yeah right. ;)


This picture is so cute! I love it. :)

My favorite picture of Eleanor. By far.

Haha I love the silly grin that Eleanor is sporting to my left!

Tarzan ;)

This picture cracks me up. This is so typical of my brother. ;)

Trip 2: Brandywine, Maryland (and DC too)! Here I visited with my sister, Kristen, and her husband, Steven, and their 3 kids, Caleb (7), Ava (4), and Lillian (16 months).

The trip began with us just chillin at my sister's house playing with the kids, running errands, and having those delightful late night conversations! :) We were able to venture into DC twice. The first visit was when we went t the National Zoo and then the second visit was when we went to the Smithsonian American History Museum and I also got to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum (not pictured). It was a fun trip! My sister and I are super close and she is definitely one of my heroes! I had a great time visiting with her, even though the trip went by so fast! 

My very first lego creation that Caleb helped me build! :)

Nadina looks so cute sporting this cape. ;)

This bird sure can snap! Caleb accidentally reached his hand out and the bird snapped at him. He was totally alright and described to me how it felt. He and the rest of us thought it was funny. ;)

Aww Lillian is just so darn adorable!

He was not in a picture taking mood I guess... ;)

Cute lil' monkey...just chillin

Silly Ava! :)

Aww sisterly love. :) Can you see a resemblance? ;)

Steven and Ava kickin it on the subway!

Me and Caleb getting silly on the subway!

U.S. Capital Building

Washington Monument

Smithsonian American History Museum!

Julia Child's kitchen! I want that kitchen!

The only picture of the Holocaust Memorial Museum I could get. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside.

Kermit! :)

This entire two week vacation was fabulous! I didn't want it to end at all. :( But, unfortunately it had to. I start school in two days! Wish me luck! I am now a senior!! :) I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week. Peace out!

With love,
Kellyn xoxo