Monday, January 20, 2014


A few weeks back (over Christmas break), my very good friend, Dylan, visited me in Washington for an entire week! We met each other at Utah State University and became the best of friends. I seriously love that girl.

We did oodles and oodles of fun things including taking a trip up to Seattle where we checked out Pikes Place Market, the infamous gum wall, and ended our day with some shopping on Capitol Hill! Dylan and I also enjoyed a picnic and pictures at one of my favorite parks, movie marathons, and a visit to my cabin. We also got the chance to chill with my pal, Chase, and we went and saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (which was fantastic), enjoyed dinner at Steamers, and had a game night at his house.

Overall, we had a splendid time together! I'm so grateful to have met her and have her in my life. She's one of my best friends whom I love dearly. In a little less than a month, she'll be serving an LDS mission in Arcadia, California! She's gonna be a fantastic missionary. I'll certainly miss her though!

Here are some pictures from our trip, below. Enjoy :)

Right after I picked Dyl up at the airport! 

Chillin with the Pikes Place pig! (pictured from left to right: Madi, Dylan, Ali, and me)

We're trying to be artsy fartsy ;)

Dylan and I with my parents!