Sunday, May 27, 2012

Studying, studying, and what's that? More studying. :/

     I HATE STUDYING. I feel like this entire day I have been cooped up in a dark hole, only leaving that hole to use the restroom or eat food. It's horrible. Studying does terrible things to one's body and mind. But I guess there is no way to get around it, right? If I had it my way I would watch Parks & Recreation and The Twilight Zone all day long while drinking Odwalla smoothies and eating pita chips. Ah that sure sounds nice. :) Oh well, finals are a necessary part of life and I know I'll be blessed in the future.
     On the bright side I have gotten to stay at our cabin nestled deep within the Washington woods which has been rather relaxing, and I was able to capture some great shots and do some photo edits on my lovely iPhone. Plus, tomorrow I get to go out to dinner and see a movie with one of my really great friends. We're thinking about seeing Dark Shadows, which sadly I have heard has gotten terrible reviews, but it has Johnny Depp in it so it's still a must-see in my opinion. Hum-dee-dum, well that's all there is for today. TTFN.


Just a few things I would currently love to buy if I had oodles and oodles of moolah.

                                                          Lauren Moffat Ruffle One Piece


      Dotty Mint Dress


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Yep, I'm at it again...

   Well, hello again. Yes, I'm back into blogging just hit me all of a sudden that I truly missed it. However, I've decided to change what my blog focuses on. Instead of focusing on strictly fashion, like my previous blog, I will just post about anything! It'll be completely random and unique. This is basically my online diary where I'll be posting what's new in my life and just what I'm up to. I'll probably even share some of my youtube humor with y'all and post some funny videos. :) Anyways just stay tuned for more things to be posted.
   Just to fill you in on what's new in my life now, it's honestly just focusing on finals (grrr) and looking forward to summer! Yay! I am looking forward to becoming a senior and even better, I am looking forward to college! I am ready for some independence. :) This summer should be really exciting though because I get to travel to Disneyworld with my immediate family (both of my siblings and their families) and then I get to go out and visit both of my siblings later in the summer. I'm looking forward to getting to spend lots of time with my family this summer and my friends too. One thing I've realized is how hard it is having friends that live far away, or are leaving for a few months during the summer. Thank goodness for Facebook and Skype!
   Anyways, I'll just leave you with that tonight but there are more posts to come. I may possibly post tomorrow, stay tuned. :)

With love,

Just to brighten your evening, here's a song from one of my favorite artists, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Their new album comes out in just a few days. :)