Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot Hot Hot

Well my last few days in Ohio have been well spent! Yesterday we headed down to the Columbus Zoo (pictures below) in 91 degree weather, but it was worth it for the few hours we were there. We were able to ride many of the rides at their small amusement park they have there (Jungle Jack's Landing). We had a little mishap happen though. One of the rides is a log ride where you get wet and it kept breaking down. At the end of our day at the zoo they finally opened up the ride (yay), but after going down one of the two hills, everyone on the log ride had to evacuate because it had broken down again. :( At least we were able to cool ourselves down a little bit by going down one of the hills haha. Aside from the many rides we enjoyed, we went to the petting zoo and pet some of the cute goats they had in there. We also rode a little train which was super fun (and the guy driving it was pretty attractive ;) Gotta love a man in Ray-Bans ;) ). After the train ride we ended the day by looking at the polar bears and brown bears! The polar bears were so cute (even though they can be such vicious creatures). I seriously would go up and give one a hug if I could haha. Same with the brown bears! I felt so bad for the animals because it was such a hot day, but luckily the polar bears were able to keep cool in the water and the bears were taking a nap in their cave, so I think they found a way to stay nice and cool. I wish we could have seen more animals but it was so hot and uncomfortable to walk around because it was so hot and humid. As mentioned above, below are the photos from the zoo. I unfortunately didn't take any pictures of animals at the zoo, which is ironic because you'd think that's what most of the pictures would be of. Silly me ;)

Gotta love a statue of my favorite noodle ;)

Today my sister-in-law, nephew and myself were able to complete a Waldo scavenger hunt in Delaware, Ohio (where they live). Many of the local businesses participate in this local event. Basically all you do is go to the stores that are participating in the scavenger hunt and look for Waldo in those stores and get your passport signed by the store owner. After you find all 25 Waldos, you turn in your passport and you are eligible for some fun prizes! It's a really neat idea that allows you to explore Delaware and go into shops you may not have gotten a chance to visit otherwise.  The downtown area is so awesome and has lots of neat shops. We were able to find a tasty butterscotch root beer (tasted a lot like butter beer! yum!) and I was able to score a $4 Simon and Garfunkel Vinyl at a really neat record store. We then ended the day with some Italian ice at Rocky's! I got tangerine cream and it was delicious! All in all it was a really great day and I'm glad I was able to end my trip in Ohio on a good note! Off to Utah tomorrow for my one day orientation at Utah State. Ciao!

This place has super yummy custard! I tried their new flavor, Almond Joy (and I hate the candy bar), but the flavor was soo delicious.

Apparently Mitt Romney visited this restaurant! How cool would it have been to have been there when he visited?!

I loved this stuff better than shaved ice!


  1. Okay first of all love love love the photos. You have such a talent for photography. :)
    And who doesn't love a guy in Ray-Bans? ;) They always remind me of Audrey Hepburn. (;
    Also that noodle is the best. I do know I love it hahaha.

  2. Thank you thank you, deary! :) Haha RIGHT?! Sooo attractive omg. ;) Yes! Speaking of Audrey Hepburn, I finally watched Breakfast at Tiffany's about a month ago and I just love it. So good. I need to check out more of her movies. Hahaha I totes thought of you when I saw it! ;)

  3. Attractive males are so nice to see. ;)
    Yay you finally watched it! I love it so much its my favorite movie. :)) The part where she finds the cat and they're kissing... SO SAD, yet romantic and just perfect. I cry every time lol. Some other movies with her that I'd recommend are Sabrina even though its a little sad, and also Gigi. Also I really liked Funny Face and My Fair Lady. (: And even though obviously Audrey isn't in The Audrey Hepburn Story (shes played by I think Jennifer Love Hewitt...) it's really good and you should deffzzies check it out.
    Haha sorry for the Hepburn overload. ;) Nannerz introduced me to all these lovely movies and I just love them. Audrey was such a classy lady. :)
    Now I'm craving mac and cheese. (: