Saturday, December 8, 2012

Long distance friends.

    Most people when they hear "long distance friends" just roll their eyes and say "Psh, how could that even possibly go over well or last long?" Well, I'm hear to testify that it can work and has been such a blessing in my life to have acquired so many wonderful long distance friendships. In fact, I probably talk to my long distance friends more than I talk to my friends here in Washington because I miss them so much and never (or barely) get to see them. It is my belief that when you can't physically be there with someone, you gain a lot more respect for them and trust them because they live so far away.
    I don't even know how it all happened. I'm always on my computer or iPhone, which I will admit helped me to acquire 3/4 of the out of state friends I have. My out of state friends make me smile in so many ways and we have all seemed to click so well. I've recently started to consider whether or not I was destined to meet these friends that live far away-it's definitely challenged my patience (I'm a VERY impatient person).
   All, I can say, whatever the reason may be, is that I love my long distance friends and prince charming so much and I hope they know it! For some, I can understand, it wouldn't be easy to take the time to talk with those that don't live very close, but for me, it's fun. It's fun to talk with someone who experiences the same trials as you, or shares the same sense of humor as you, or trusts you even though they live far away. If any of you are on the border about developing an out of state friendship or relationship, just try it and see. It might be the right fit for you!

xoxo Kellyn

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