Friday, August 16, 2013


Well, I made it to Utah! Tomorrow I move into my dorm and start setting up my dorm room. It's so crazy that I'm moving into my college dorm room tomorrow. Wow. This summer went by way too fast. I'm a wee nervous about living with 7 other roommates, but I'm gonna hope for the best. It'll be good for me. At least I get my own room! :) I'll definitely take pictures of my room and post them once it's all decorated. It's gonna be pretty colorful and cool. These past few days we've just been gathering things for my dorm and what not. Yesterday we met up with some friends who live in Bountiful and got some yummy Chinese food and frozen custard. It was a great night! Right now my parents and I are currently staying at my dad's cousin's home. They're a really nice family and it's been nice getting to know them. We were able to go out on my dad's cousins's boat today. We went up to Hyrum State Park and my dad and his cousin went water skiing. I just chillaxed on the boat and took some scenic pictures. Utah is so beautiful. Gosh, I love it. :) Below are some of the pictures I took! Enjoy!

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  1. Pretty pictures! I can't wait to see pictures of your new room! Good luck on rooming with 7 other girls haha. :) Do you all have to share one bathroom?