Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My sincerest apologies

Yeah, I've definitely been slacking on my blog and it is late so I'll have to share how I'm enjoying college and what not in a future post, but I can assure you I am most definitely enjoying college. I love it here up at Utah State and I'm loving all of the friends I've made so far and the fun times I've enjoyed! This Saturday my friend Dylan and I are going to attend a Great Gatsby Literary Ball put on by the english department and we get dress up in 20's style costumes and enjoy an evening full of 20's style fun! They'll also be showing The Great Gatsby which I haven't seen yet so I'm pretty stoked for Saturday! Anyways, I'm gonna skidaddle and watch an episode of Mad Men (just started watching the show and it's fantastic) before I head off to bed. Toodles! xoxo

P.S. I just discovered this new group, Purity Ring, and they are fantastic. This is totes my new favorite song right now! I'm also loving Grouplove's new album which y'all should check out as well. Enjoy! :)

Fineshrine by Purity Ring


  1. Purity Ring > by far amazing !
    Crawlersout is another good song by them

    1. Oh my gosh I had no idea you listened to them too! Crawlersout is a great song! I am in love and just bought a Purity Ring vinyl. :) Do you like indie music I'm guessing?