Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Super duper happy!

   Hello y'all! I hope all is well with you. I know all is well with me for sure because first of all, I got my license!! Finally! I passed with an 82 which I think is fabulous. Those tests aren't easy and it really depends on the driving instructor you get as to what your score will end up being. I am so happy that this is out of the way. Now I can drive by myself. Yesss. :)
   Additionally, I was able to go shopping and get some sushi (yummy!) yesterday with my best friend, Madi. We had such a fun time! We went thrifting first. I didn't find anything this time around, but she was able to score some stuff. Then we headed over to the mall and went to Forever 21, H&M, and a few other stores. I was in need of some cute new clothes so I'm glad we could go yesterday. :)
    Lastly, my family is coming in this week! My sister and her kids are coming in today and my brother and his kids are coming in tomorrow! I can't wait to see them! I love being an aunt so much...I always have so much fun. :) Also, my uncle and cousins who I haven't seen in years are stopping by on Thursday! This week has just been wonderful so far. I hope your week has been wonderful as well! TTFN.

Love, Kellyn xoxo

I got the top from H&M and the sweater from Forever 21. I looove this outfit (especially my lime green Saltwater Sandals. :)

I got all 3 of these sweaters from Forever 21! I love my Hello Kitty sweatshirt so much. <3

            I got both of these fun, floral tops from Forever 21. I love that store and I LOVE anything with a floral print. :)


  1. Love the outfit! I am seriously need a day at F21, haven't been in so long and love that store!

  2. Thanks! :) It was so awesome to just spend a while in there. Do it! You won't regret it for sure. :)