Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's been a while...

    Sorry folks that it's been a while since I've updated my blog! I've been so busy with my immediate family visiting and yesterday afternoon I returned from a 3-day pioneer trek with my church. I returned with a super painful sunburn! It hurts so bad. #palepeopleproblems
   Anyways, I just wanted to share some pictures of a few things I've been doing to keep myself busy this summer! I volunteer just about every saturday at an animal shelter! I do this to get my community service hours in for high school, but I love volunteering there anyways. I want to continue it even after my hours of service are complete. It is so much fun, especially since I love animals a lot! I love dogs and cats. There is no way that I could choose one over the other because I love them both. When it comes to dogs, I will admit I am not a huge fan of small dogs, but I still love them anyways.     Volunteering there has given me an opportunity to socialize with people in our community and learn how to help manage a business (answering the phone, cleaning up and preparing kennels, etc). Aside from volunteering I also have been working out- mainly running and going on bike rides! I recently went on a bike ride to Fort Steilacoom park and it was such a bright and sunny day that I of course had to take some pictures. So below are some pictures from volunteering and my lovely bike ride. Enjoy and peace out!

Kellyn xoxo

Adorable 4 week old kittens that I got to cuddle with!

A week or so ago when I was last in at the the shelter this cute puppy was in one of the kennels in our washroom. I of course had to go over and hold it! Sooo adorable.

Chillin in the cat room with one of our kittens available for adoption.

 I love the natural light leak in this photo!

The bike path that I was on. I loved just riding through all of he trees while having a view of the lake. (lake picture below)

Gorgeous shot of the lake at Fort Steilacoom. While you may not be able to swim in it, it still makes for a pretty view on a bike ride.

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