Saturday, October 19, 2013

Patience, pretty please?

I hate how impatient I am. It drives me crazy and it stresses me out sometimes. Yes, I realize everyone has their flaws and nobody is perfect, but patience is something I'm really striving for at this point in my life. If I'm going to become an elementary school teacher one day, patience is something I really need to learn. I think too often I expect too much from people, whether it be my friends or family, and that's simply not fair. How would I like it if someone expected too much from me?

Yes. I'm one of those girls that freaks out and over thinks things. If someone, for example, a boy I like, doesn't text me back right away or just doesn't reply to my texts at all...I stress out. I stress out so much that sometimes I can't even get to sleep at night. I need to stop. 

I'm grateful that I recognize my imperfections. I'm glad that I know that I'm impatient so I can do my best to overcome this flaw. It's something I'm really trying to work on. One day I'll get there...

In the's an embarrassing photo of me (taken a couple years ago by my padre). Enjoy! ;)

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