Sunday, June 1, 2014

my weekend

holy cow did i have a marvelous weekend! i hope y'all did too.

on friday, i got to hang out with my pal, cassie! we ate grilled cheese and tomato soup, watched hilarious youtube videos like this lovely little gem ;) we also took some totally adorable photos and had some good chats. she's a fabulous friend and i'm grateful to have her in my life! i also got to attend a mat kearney concert on friday evening with my best friend of 12 years, madi! we had such a fun time! mat kearney was fantastic. gosh i love his voice and how he carries himself as a person. he really engaged the crowd. i was in need of a good concert. hopefully i can attend more concerts soon!

on saturday i planned out my primary lesson (i teach the 7 year olds with my dad) and i just relaxed and started watching new girl and i read a little (currently reading i know why the caged bird sings by maya angelou, a fave of mine). new girl is fantastic! i love zooey deschanel. quinton and a few other peeps have mentioned to me how i remind them so much of jess in new girl/zooey deschanel and it really is an honor. :) then, saturday evening, my parents and i went to the old spaghetti factory (one of my fave restaurants). soo yummy. i got the mizithra cheese and browned butter pasta and a salted caramel italian soda. delicious! then i chatted with my boy on the phone saturday evening. we had a good long chat. i truly am blessed to have quinton in my life. as hard as it is to maintain this relationship from a distance, we are doing the best we can and i am grateful he is willing to still love me even from a distance. i'm so excited because i get to go visit him in utah at the end of this month. i cannot wait!! :)

today i attended church with my family and taught my primary class with my dad! we had a fun time. i love teaching children. they make me smile and laugh so much! i cannot wait to be a teacher one day. it'll be a lot of work and not easy, but the fact that i'll get to spend time with children all day long makes it that much more worth it. after church i came home, ate a delicious dinner with the 'rents (it was fast sunday, so i definitely devoured my dinner ;) ) and then i've just been relaxing in my room ever since. i wrote a letter to my dear friend, dylan, who's serving her mission in arcadia, california! i also took a nap ( i love naps so much)! now, as i write this post, i'm patiently waiting for my boyfriend to call and for my mom to finish making my favorite dessert, orange brownies! the recipe can be found here. they are out of this world amazing.

peace out, friends!

me and my girl, cassie ;)

count on me by mat kearney (one of my fave songs!!)

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